SEO Malta

Gain high-quality links and mentions to your website

Almost 70% of clicks go to the top five listings on Google results. Users want to find fast, relevant and high quality results without the hassle of trawling through links and suggestions and, as a result, competition for the top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) is at an all time high. An effective SEO strategy is the only way to assert your site as a valuable, informative and pertinent destination for users.

How does it Work?

You choose the level of account management: Phone, Email, Self-service. Full reporting and transparency at every stage. We manage over 20,000 relationships with bloggers, website owners and publishers - across all the key verticals: Technology, Finance, Sport, Business, Gaming and more.

This focus on the quality of backlinks is now considered much more important than sheer number. As a result, developing a successful and impactful SEO outreach strategy requires conscientious link outreach, and continual monitoring.

At Ocere, we have seen great success with german SEO outreach for a variety of industries, and practice flexibility and transparency at each stage of your account management.

Why choose Ocere?

At Ocere, we have been honing our SEO services for over ten years in a wide variety of industries, from igaming, technology and blockchain to AI, financial services and more. With over 3,000 clients worldwide, we are perfectly placed to work with you in managing a creative and strategic new approach toward your SEO in Malta.

Frequently asked questions

Who needs SEO?

SEO Malta is a crucial business tool for all industries as it offers a sustainable and effective solution to increasing traffic to your site, and your Domain Authority. As of 2019, around 85% of Maltese businesses had a website, which means that competition for the highest rankings is exceedingly high. Search engines will continue to invest in filtering the highest quality results from the other, less relevant sites — or sites that are too transparent in their attempts at accumulating traffic. As a result, the number of companies investing in their digital marketing continues to grow, which makes it increasingly difficult to generate the same level of organic traffic without a creative SEO strategy in place.

What is a Domain Authority Score?

Your DA score can be used as an indicator of your rank — where you will likely fall on SERPs, or search engine result pages. Every website will hold a score between one and a hundred, with a high score indicating a good quality site, supported by a great SEO strategy.

How Many Hours Does SEO Take?

Following and implementing the strategies required to increase your ranking takes a great deal of time and understanding. Google is forever refining and enhancing the algorithms responsible for ranking web pages, and SEO is the key to ensuring that your online profile is visible, and that traffic arrives organically on your site. It is for this reason that SEO is tougher than ever before; the need to walk the line of tailoring SEO to measure up to Google’s requirements for good quality sites — without it appearing formulaic or contrived — requires continued vigilance and ingenuity.

How Do I Choose a Good Company for SEO Malta?

The right SEO company will, most important, have a great deal of practical experience and knowledge to offer, and they will take a tailored approach toward ensuring that you are getting the most out of your SEO. There is no singular way of optimising your online profile — if there were, no website would stand out more than any other — which means that creativity and an up to the minute understanding of SEO trends are both essential to an effective strategy. At Ocere, this is exactly what we have been doing for over ten years. By evolving alongside the ever-changing landscape of SEO, we are able to attain tangible results for clients all over the world, from a multitude of industries, and for relevant markets.