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About Us

Ocere Ltd.

Our Story

Back in 2009, our founder Tom Parling thought of an inspiring way to address the many frustrations he had been experiencing when purchasing SEO and PPC for his own ecommerce venture. He would simply create a business that could meet his own expectations for powerful and dependable digital marketing services. And thus Ocere was born, and fuelled in those formative stages by a determination to offer people a different type of agency, one that offers more transparency, greater simplicity, and the kind of meaningful results that turn ambitions into realities.

By 2011, less than two years later, Ocere had delivered just that for more than 100 happy clients. Fast forward to today, and through continual reinvestment in technology, and the right people, that number has reached more than 3000, and spans 50 countries. Ten years since its inception, Ocere’s is continuing to grow and evolve so rapidly that, in many ways, we believe our story is still only just beginning.

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