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SEO Packages

Fixed price SEO packages that contain everything you need to beat the competition. Our monthly SEO services help you move up the search engines whilst keeping your SEO costs low. Start a monthly retainer SEO project with Ocere and move ahead of your competition. We help business owners and marketing teams improve Google keyword rankings.

Between 4 - 20 Keywords

Increase Google Rankings

Grow Organic Traffic

Outrank Competitors

Full Monthly Reporting

Comparison Table

Comparison Table


On-page items

Keyword research

Website review

On-Page SEO Recommendations

Page Title Recommendations

Meta Description Writing

H1 Tags

Text Content Review

Image Alt Text Creation

Implementation of SEO Recommendations

Onsite Content - Blog Article

Onsite Content - Landing Page

Website Health Check

Google Analytics Review

Off-page items

Link Profile Review

Link Content Creation

High Quality Link Placements

Tier 2 Linking

Social Signals

PR Link + Creation

SEO Package 1

Package 1

£495 / $695

per month







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SEO Package 2

Package 2

£895 / $1295

per month







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SEO Package 3

Package 3

£1495 / $1995

per month







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SEO Package 4

Package 4

£2450 / $3250

per month







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How it works

Initial Strategy

You'll specify your website, keyword ideas and goals (don't worry if you're unsure - we can advise!). We'll then conduct full keyword research, competitor research, discuss and then get underway. The strategy and first month's execution are all done inside the first 30days. You can have as much or as little involvement as you like.

Monthly Execution

We'll execute this plan from Month 1 onwards. Typically this involves creating and implementing On-Page elements (page titles, meta tags etc), writing content and building external links towards your site. Full reporting is given on every activity every month (via email and online portal).

Ongoing Refinement

The web is fast moving. Competition doesn't stay still. We analyse current results, competitor results and refine the approach accordingly to get the best results. We'll be proactive on this, unlike 95% of other agencies who sit on their laurels. Again, you can have as much or as little involvement as you like.

Key benefits of SEO


Increase Google Rankings

Outrank your competition and move up the search engine ladder, sustainably.


Grow Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic will always be hugely valuable and brings in users with the right intent.


Build Brand Awareness

Take control of your online perception and exceed your competitors.


Beat Competitors

We can X-ray their strategies and help your leapfrog them in the SERPs.


Bring in More Customers

Organic will always be such a valuable channel. Attract the right type of customers.


What is SEO? How do these packages work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the activity of optimising a website to appear higher in Google and search engine results. Our pre-built packages contain everything you need to improve your Google rankings and gain more organic traffic.

Each includes:

  1. On-Page - optimisation of Page titles, Meta tags, Content etc.
  2. Off-Page - quality links and mentions from relevant websites. Full reporting is provided each month and we'll keep you updated along the way.

What reports do I get in the first month? And ongoing?

Month 1:
  • Initial Ranking Report (showing your starting position for selected keywords)
  • On-Page Health Check Report - Lists 15+ On-Page checks and their results
  • On-Page Review, containing Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags, Text Content and Image alt text recommendations,
  • Written content that we create (every piece)
  • End Month Report - including all live links and tracking ranking changes
  • Organic Traffic Report - plugged into Google Analytics, showing you traffic trends.

Every Month:
  • On-Page Review, containing Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags, Text Content and Image alt text recommendations,
  • Written content that we create (every piece)
  • End Month Report - including all live links and tracking ranking changes
  • Organic Traffic Report - plugged into Google Analytics, showing you traffic trends.

How long does it take to see results?

SEO is a bit like planting seeds. It’s a gradual process that must look natural in order to avoid Google penalties etc. You will start to see upwards trends in traffic and performance within the first 2-3 months, but the best results will come after 6 months.

Why choose Ocere instead of the other SEO companies?

  • Honesty. Our culture is honesty and simplicity and we aim to help you navigate the SEO landscape safely.
  • Value. So often, we see what other agencies are offering - and are surprised on how little “actual work” is included in a monthly campaign. We strive to offer better quality outreach, more content, more technical SEO activities.
  • Here-to-help. Free ongoing advice and account management (via phone, email, Skype etc)
  • No fluff policy. Forget about meaningless “research, analysis etc”. We take your spend and turn it into directly into activities that generate results.
  • Recognised. We are a Google Elevator graduate company and a Goldman Sachs 10ksb recognised company.

    What is my likely ROI?

    When set up correctly, SEO can deliver a very strong long term ROI. Of course, this will vary based on on profit levels and ticket price. We can help you set and track your goals using Google Analytics.

    Which is better for me, SEO or PPC?

    Often there is an argument to do both, especially as the landscape is more integrated. PPC can help you get more immediate sales/leads, but can be expensive and hyper-competitive. SEO is a smart, long-term game that builds up organic traffic and trust like an asset for your company. Ideally, both can run together and service different areas of the marketing funnel.

    How do I choose Keywords?

    Google have a free 'Keyword Planner' tool, or you can use a more comprehensive paid tool like However, keyword research is an art that requires looking at competitors and running multiple ideas through these tools. Fortunately, we can take care of all of this for you by build a masterlist that can then be refined into “primary keywords” to target. These would then form the basis for your SEO strategy.

    How much involvement (or work) is needed from my side?

    This is largely up to you. Many of our clients are busy and just want us to handle everything and send over monthly reports, while others prefer to have a lot of involvement, especially with content etc. Generally, our clients will take care to review/approve reports in the first 1-2 months, and then lessen their involvement moving forward.

    What are PR links?

    PR (Press Release) links are links contained within Press Releases. We can write these and distribute them to high grade news publications. This type of coverage helps boost your web-footprint and build Google rankings.

    How many links do I need?

    This is a complex question. Generally speaking, you should be aiming to acquire high-level links from sites with strong metrics - DA, TF, SEMrush traffic etc, as opposed to low-level links. A typical Ocere campaign would focus on anything from 5-20 high-level links per month. This is in sharp contrast to the days when many SEO companies would offer hundreds or even thousands of low quality links per month, which is no longer an effective methodology.

    How much content do I need?

    Generally speaking, the more high-quality original content, the better. The SEO battle can sometimes be won simply by having very strong content on your site - divided across relevant topics and containing genuinely useful information to the reader. We can create this content for you, or advise on how best to structure it.

    What's the difference between Internal and External links?

    Internal links are links between pages within your own site. External links are those from other sites that point to yours. Both are useful for SEO, but external links have by far the greater impact, and that’s where a lot of our focus would be during a typical campaign.

    Can you help me write content? Who writes the content and what is it about?

    Yes, we have a staff of 7 UK-based copywriters and produce hundreds of pieces of content each month. We have freelance relationships with several more writers, so boast a virtually unlimited content creation capacity. For external links, the content will typically be highly relevant to your industry, non-promotional and aiming to create a natural bridge between the external site and your own. It will be written as an independent author, rather than seemingly by your company, or by Ocere.

    What type of companies use Ocere?

    We serve a wide range of industries, including technology, gaming, Ecommerce, professional services and more. We also work with many design, web and digital agencies, helping to service their clients. We work primarily with businesses in the USA, UK, Israel and Europe, and 70% of our clients use us remotely.

    Are there any contracts?

    We don’t lock you into long-term contracts. Our suggestion is that you run a 3-month trial with us and if you like it - continue on an ongoing basis. All we require is 30 days notice of cancellation.

    Are your services Fixed price SEO Packages?

    A: Yes, our SEO packages listed on these page are fixed price SEO packages. Meaning you can control the SEO costs and have peace of mind. If your budget is higher, we can also work on custom SEO retainers.

    Is this type of SEO for agencies? Can I resell your SEO packages?

    A: Yes, we work with hundreds of SEO agencies, who act as SEO resellers and mark up our pricing by 20-100%. We can do all work in white label SEO reports, with your company branding on.

    Are these Monthly SEO packages? Is there a long contract?

    Yes, these are monthly SEO packages. There is no long contract. We recommend an initial trial period of 3 months with rolling SEO retainer afterwards.

    Are these SEO packages for the UK market or USA ?

    We are based in the UK but offer our SEO packages to the UK, USA, Europe (German, France, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese languages etc) and worldwide.

    How should I monitor my SEO costs? Can you help me reduce SEO costs?

    SEO costs are fixed with Ocere to help you budget effectively. There are no hidden charges or surprises – it is fixed monthly fee SEO.

    Do these SEO packages help improve keyword rankings? How many keywords can I target?

    A: Absolutely yes. This is main benefit of our SEO packages – increasing keyword rankings in Google and the search engines.

    How do you guys manage an SEO project? What is the reporting process?

    Full reporting is given on every stage of the SEO project. These include On-page elements, off-page link building and all technical SEO elements.

    SEO Report templates – Can you show me some SEO report templates?

    A: Sure – we have sample SEO report templates that you can view. Simply get in touch and we can send you.

    Are your SEO packages all monthly retainer?

    Yes our SEO packages are delivered on a monthly SEO retainer and without long contracts. Giving you peace of mind.

    What are the main ways to increase my organic ranking?

    A good SEO package will help you increase organic rankings with the following: 1. On-Page technical SEO, 2. Off-page Link Building, 3. Content Enhancement. Our SEO packages help you achieve all of that.

    How do I get someone to link to my website?

    Our approach is to write a creative piece of content and offer it to the webmaster. They will benefit from this content and often be happy to link back to your website. This can be time-consuming, which is why using an SEO agency is.