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Link Packages

Link Building Packages

Link packages for those with a specific monthly budget. Select your price point and we will deliver the best value links for your budget. These packages can easily be used to supplement your existing SEO. We create all content, complete research, place the links, and then provide live link reports. You can approve all content and sites if you prefer, and typical turnaround time is just 10-28 days.

Authentic Blogger Outreach

Choose your site grade (DA)

500 Word Content Included

Fast Turnaround (10+ days)

Comparison Table

Comparison Table



Full Content Creation

Outreaching Webmasters

Fast Turnaround Time

Authority Links

Price Match

Approve Sites/Content Option (+10% Fee)

Choose your grade





Link Package 1

Package 1

£895 / $1295






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Link Package 2

Package 2

£1495 / $1995






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Link Package 3

Package 3

£3795 / $4995






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Link Package 4

Package 4

£7795 / $9995






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Turnaround as soon as 14 days, on

Tuesday 30th July 2019

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How it works

Outreaching Sites

You'll provide the Anchor Text, Target URLs and quantity you require. We'll then start outreaching topically relevant sites, with strong authority. We already have 20,000 publisher relationships to help streamline this process. For a small charge you can approve sites upfront.

Content Creation

Our UK content team will start writing your content immediately (typically 500 words per piece). The key here is to form a natural bridge between the blog and your target URL. We are experts at this. For a small charge you can approve content upfront.

Order Completion

We place thousands of content pieces per month. We'll get the content live quickly, and then send you a link report (via Email and Online Portal) which shows the live link, metrics (DA etc) and live date. We're on hand for any questions etc.

Key benefits of Link Packages


Authentic, Natural Sites

Forget dodgy networks or "thin" blogs made for SEO purposes. We deal in authentic sites, with authentic audiences.


Fastest Turnaround

We boast over 20,000 publisher relationships and sharper processes to turn orders around quicker


Full Approval

Unlike others - you can have full approval of all content and sites (10% fee). Stay in control!


In Content Links

All our links are naturally contained in the editorial. Forget footer links or sponsored links.


Price Match

We'll match or beat any comparable offer from another company. No questions asked.


What's the difference between these packages and the Individual Blogger Outreach service you offer?

What is Blogger Outreach, and what is Link Building?

Is link building risky these days? How can I ensure it's done safely?

Can you work to other metrics - SEMrush traffic/keywords, AHrefs DR, Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF) etc?

Do we buy our links? I've heard buying links is bad.


How quick is the turnaround?

What is the process from start to finish?

Can we approve content or sites before you place the posts?

How do you determine what a "good quality” site is?

Do you own these sites? Is this just a big PBN (Private blog network)?

Can I place a large order with multiple clients/websites?

What discounts can you offer for bulk orders?

What verticals are you strong in / weak in?


Who writes the content, how long is it, and what is it about?

What type of companies use Ocere?

What is your monthly capacity?

How many webmaster relationships do you have?

Why choose Ocere instead of other Outreach companies?


Are these placements permanent? What happens if they get removed?

Can you work in the online gambling sector?

What countries or languages can you offer this service?