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Link Building and Blogger Outreach Services

High-quality, valuable links for your brand

In-content link building on authentic and relevant blogs, helps boost your Google rankings above the competition. Our ‘blogger outreach’ team has outreached over 20,000 webmasters.

Our blogger outreach service has an easy online order system. The entire process is completely transparent. Simply select your preferred site grade, target URL and desired anchor text – we’ll do the rest.

Fast turnaround from 10+ days.

In-content Link To Your Site

500 Word Content

100% Authentic Outreach

Fast Turnaround (10+ days)

Ahrefs DR20 Average

Comparison Table

Comparison Table



In-content Link To Your Site

500 Word Content

100% Authentic Outreach

Fast Turnaround (10+ days)

Ahrefs Average

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

20+ Placements

40+ Placements

DA20+ Budget Tier

Package r

£60 / $85






Quick Order


DA30+ Mid Tier

Package r

£80 / $110






Quick Order


DA40+ High Tier

Package r

£165 / $210






Quick Order


DA50+ Top Tier

Package r

£240 / $320






Quick Order


Turnaround as soon as 10 days, on

Friday 22nd November 2019

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How it works

Outreaching Sites

You'll provide the Anchor Text, Target URLs and quantity you require to our outreach agency team. We'll then start outreaching topically relevant sites, with strong authority. We already have 20,000 publisher relationships to help streamline this process. For a small charge you can approve sites upfront.

Content Creation

Our UK content team will start writing your content immediately (typically 500 words per piece). The key here is to form a natural bridge between the blog and your target URL. We are experts at this. For a small charge you can approve content upfront.

Order Completion

As a ‘blogger agency' we place thousands of content pieces per month. Outreach link building PR (press release) content is another element we regularly deploy. The content is quickly live. We send you a link report (via Email and Online Portal) which shows the live link, metrics (DA etc) and live date. We're on hand for any questions etc.

Key benefits of Link Building


Authentic, Natural Sites

Forget dodgy networks or "thin" blogs made for SEO purposes. We deal in authentic sites, with authentic audiences.


Fastest Turnaround

We boast over 20,000 publisher relationships and sharper processes to turn orders around quicker.


Full Approval

Unlike others - you can have full approval of all content and sites (+10% fee). Stay in control!


In Content Links

All our links are naturally contained in the editorial. Forget footer links or sponsored links.


Price Match

We'll match or beat any comparable offer from another company. No questions asked.


What are blogger outreach services?

Blogger outreach services is a catch-all phrase which develops and executes a strategy of working with other bloggers to create unique, relevant and authoritative content to promote brand, service or product awareness.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is a strategy of collaborating with bloggers to create authentic content to promote a product, brand or service by building organic, authoritative links to a website. Blogger outreach is an element of our SEO packages.

How do I contact bloggers?

Your easiest and most direct route is via a blogger agency such as Ocere.

What are blogger outreach campaigns?

A blogger outreach campaign is a method of encouraging promotion of your brand, product or service by collaborating with identified influencers in your target market.

Why is Blogger Outreach important?

Blogger outreach is an element of an SEO strategy which is designed to get authoritative blogs talking your service, product or brand in relatively short timescale. Less time, less expense but more rapid exposure!

What is outreach tool?

There are many influencer outreach and content marketing tools which a blogger agency will deploy to maximise efficiency of an outreach campaign, but the best tools are knowledge and experience of an ever evolving digital landscape.

How do you outreach?

Blogger outreach is about building relationships with bloggers and influencers, so they will host your content to promote your brand, product or service on their websites or blog sites. As part of our link building services, Ocere will do all the outreach required.

How much does blogger outreach cost?

Follow this link to Ocere’s blogger outreach services UK page for more detailed information about blogger outreach prices and what you get for your investment.

What is influencer outreach?

Influencer outreach is a very powerful and effective alternative to traditional advertising. As a strategy for promoting awareness and developing credibility of your brand, it is difficult to beat.

What is outreach strategy?

A blogger outreach strategy is a method of delivering and delivering ‘strategic communication’ of a consistent message to key target audiences, to partners and to draw in potential new customers.

How do you outreach to influencers?

By identifying, reaching out to them by email or phone and then establishing trusting, working relationships with them. Alternatively, you could engage Ocere – with over 30,000 established relationships with influencers, we have done all the groundwork for you.

How do you pitch to an influencer?

In email outreach to influencers, you will need a short, catchy and standout subject line, provide genuine stats, and some samples of unique content and then a proposal of working together, then hope you get a reply – or you could engage Ocere’s blogger outreach service.

How do you reach out to brands for collaboration?

The first step when outreaching to brands is an email. Be cordial, be brief but outline what you want to do and what the features and benefits are to both parties.

How much do influencers charge?

Influencers can charge anything from a few tens of pounds to many thousands of pounds.

How do I get influencers to promote my brand?

Find influencers in your niche, outreach them, start building a relationship and create a perfect pitch – or you could engage Ocere’s influencer and blogger outreach service to save time, money and lots of frustration.

How do I ask my blog to promote my product?

Include a link to your blog link in social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. As soon as you publish any content on your blog, share that content on social media.

How can I become an influencer?

Find or know your niche, choose your media channel, develop and distribute your content, grow your network and engage your followers. Alternatively, engage Ocere to do your outreach for you.

How can I promote my brand for free?

Publish self made content on YouTube and other media channels, embrace several social media channels, optimise your brand’s website, start a blog, become a PR blogger and distribute for publication...the work never stops.

How can I promote free?

Publish self made content on YouTube and other media channels, embrace several social media channels, optimise your brand’s website, start a blog, become a PR blogger and distribute for publication...the work never stops.

What is the cheapest way to advertise your business?

Post authoritative, engaging content on your blog, build a free email list, create a Google My Business account, optimise your website, send out marketing texts to subscribers etc...

What are the three big local listing services?

Yelp, Yell and Thomson Local - there is also Scoop, BT Tradespace, Hot Frog, Local Mole and so on...

What are outreach activities?

Outreach activities cover a broad range such as email outreach, establishing relationships with influencers, brand promotion via blogging, unique content creation, PR blogging etc.

What are the benefits of outreach programs?

Establish and increase brand awareness, promote products and/or services, develop customer relations, increase revenue streams thereby increasing profits and sustainability of the business.

How do you effectively outreach?

Formulate a strategy, establish contact with influencers in your market place, develop relationships, create amazing, relevant and authoritative content to target audiences, partners and potential customers.

How do I get my blog noticed?

Optimise the blog/website, constantly create new, authentic, relevant and authoritative content, leverage social media channels, speak the language of your target audience...or alternatively, engage Ocere to get your blog noticed fast.

How do you become a blogger influencer?

Know your market and target audience, develop your content strategy, grow your network by engaging your followers and get your work shred by your followers. Alternatively, engage Ocere to get your blog noticed fast.

How can I get free content for my blog?

Create and publish the content yourself. However, creating engaging, relevant optimised content takes a lot of time and research. While you are doing that you will not be able to work on any other element of your online marketing strategy.

What is email outreach?

Email outreach is a process of sending out unsolicited emails to influencers – the main aim is to get them to review your website, products or services, or maybe gain links. Be careful you do not fall foul of current data protection legislation.

How do I find blogs?

You can search online via Google, Bing or Yahoo for example, visit a blog directory, use Tumblr etc, or alternatively, use Ocere’s blogger outreach service or white label SEO service to cut out all the hard work.

What is outreach link building?

Blogger outreach link building entails elements of email outreach, influencer outreach, social outreach and PR blogger outreach to people to get them to click on links pointing to your website, or to publish links on their websites which point to your website.

What is Backlink outreach?

Backlink outreach involves reaching out, by email or other media, to bloggers, social media influencers and other website owners or managers, to proactively acquiring backlinks on their websites.

What is content outreach?

Put simply, content outreach is a method of directly promoting your content which is intended to be presented to influential people whose audiences are similar to yours, so they will promote your content to their audiences.

How do you improve link building?

Constantly investigate external links pointing to your website. Ensure none are broken. Search out sites suitable for link building which have good metrics. Keep on top of your competitors’ link building strategy. Keep building new relationships.

What is the best link building strategy?

Reach out to owners of websites and blog sites. Know and understand your audience. Create and distribute amazing, relevant and authoritative content. Match content to websites. Employ social media channels to amplify and sustain your content.

How do I find blogs for link building?

There are many directories which you can use to search out potential link sites or blogs – also use Google, Yahoo or Bing as a search tool. Alternatively, engage Ocere’s blogger outreach service and save yourself time and money.

How can I get free quality backlinks?

Research and compile a list of bloggers and influencers relevant to your niche. Create relevant content which will appeal to them. Reach out to them. Hope they publish your content and link to your website.

How can I get free backlinks?

See the answer to the question – ‘How can I get free quality backlinks?’

Do backlinks still work 2019?

The simple answer is Yes!

How do I find backlinks to my site?

You can use industry standard tools such as Moz, AhRefs, Majestic and SEMRush etc, or you could engage Ocere’s blogger outreach service which includes finding backlinks.

How do I find my competitor backlinks?

You can use industry standard tools such as Moz, AhRefs, Majestic and SEMRush etc, or you could engage Ocere’s blogger outreach service which includes finding backlinks.

How do I get thousands of backlinks?

By hard work, lots of research, continuous blogger outreach and lots of written content submitted for publication. Alternatively, make it easy on yourself and work smarter with Ocere’s blogger outreach service.

How do I know if I have bad backlinks?

By using industry standard tools such as Moz, AhRefs etc, or by engaging Ocere’s blogger outreach service to work on determining where and what bad links you have then developing a strategy for clearing them.