Content Creation: Why Originality Matters, and How to Achieve it in Competitive Markets

Originality is growing increasingly difficult. Each day, the internet sees well over 4 million new blog posts, all of which are being written and posted in an attempt to generate views, catch search traffic, and stand out among competitors. Link agencies are working tirelessly on blogger outreach services to ensure that their clients – and, in some instance, your direct competitors – are gaining access to the best platforms for showcasing their content to valuable audiences.

It would, however, be a mistake to assume that the fight for unique content is over – or that the only way to generate a strong return on your investment is to mirror what your competitors are doing. Rather, as originality grows more challenging, its significance continues to grow; visibility is determined by value, and there will always be significant value in sites that can offer readers something more than they will find in the excess of recycled or duplicated content already available today.

Why Strive to Create Original Content?

First of all, original content takes more effort – it requires a much deeper level of thinking than simply paraphrasing or mimicking the wealth of content already out there – and that additional level of input speaks for itself with audiences. It commands a sense of authority and will work to solidify your reputation as a respected, trustworthy and consistent resource, rather than just another hit on the results pages. To that end, it will compliment your blogger outreach efforts, and enable you to gain access to a much higher standard of site.

Secondly, work that mirrors other sites’ content too closely is going to have a much harder time competing for those top rankings. If Google becomes saturated with near-identical articles, your chances at achieving a strong position grow weaker. Results pages are not simply a list of the same title, repeated ad infinitum by different sites – although, given how many sites are writing about similar subjects, they could be. It is for this reason that seo outreach packages focused toward generating strong content will always outshine those that treat it as an afterthought.

Content duplication represents something of a grey area in SEO; while Google’s algorithm is able to account for the fact that, in reality, many sites and pages will naturally overlap in the content that they offer, it also knows that the best way to provide searchers with valuable results is to offer some diversity on SERPs.

How Do You Ensure that Content is Unique?

Given the massive amount of content each day – and the sheer number of relevant articles that appear on SERPs with any given search – it would be far too optimistic to suggest that every sentence you create will achieve the status of brand new, never-before-seen content. The difference lies in approach, rather than the minutiae of execution; rather than opting for the first topic, title, and introduction that springs to mind, thinking more deeply about what you would want to read if you were making a relevant search is essential to creating original content.

Knowing how to remain original means, first and foremost, knowing your competitors. If you can work to build up a strong understanding of their content – specifically, what has performed well with readers – then you can work to build upon those ideas in a new way that offers yet more value to your readers.

Of course, the most important factor for any content creator to consider is the readers themselves. While content creation may ultimately be a tool for SEO services packages, you will only be able to realise its full potential if you write with human audiences – specifically, your target market – in mind.

Without truly appreciating whom you are writing for, the motivation to generate something genuinely absorbing, thought-provoking or informative will naturally begin to slide.

Find the Balance

In theory, of course, the aim to generate content that is totally unique and never-before seen is a great one, but, in practice, it can be extremely difficult, or even impossible. SERPs are awash with results for every query, and omitting any scrap of information that has been posted before is simply not feasible. If you were to do that, you would likely end up with nonsensical chains of words that offer no value to anyone.

Striking the balance between offering the most informative and data-rich content, and ensuring that it offers a new vantage point for readers, requires finesse and creativity, and it is not easy. Investing in strong content creation from your link agency will, however, prove extremely valuable to your site, and your growing audience.