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Meet the Team

Tom Parling

Founder & CEO

Tom Parling is the driving force behind Ocere and founded the company back in 2009. He possesses a talent for Entrepreneurship and has a proven track record of creating business from scratch, with little external help or resources. Tom is a member of several invite-only Entrepreneurial organizations and was recently recognized “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in a large regional business awards ceremony.
Tom has also completed two Ironman triathlons, along with a string of challenging Cyclo-Sportives across Europe.

Amanda Falshaw

Business Support Director

Mandy joined Ocere in 2009 and as Business Support Director, her role is to ensure that all areas of the business work cohesively, ensuring processes remain effective and efficient. Mandy is also responsible for the Finance/HR function of the business including all invoicing, payments, HMRC submissions, accounts/reconciliations, payroll, 121s and appraisals. She also oversees and works closely with Credit Control, Customer Service and Lead Generation Sales. Mandy also works with our CEO and Digital Marketing Director to help formulate the Business Plan and project strategy. Mandy started her own business at 19, but a career change has seen her gain more than 30 years’ experience working in in both the private and public sectors, mainly in the Finance field. Mandy is a Lancashire lass at heart, and regularly travels back to spend time with her 3 ‘grown up sons’. She has a keen interest in photography and anything involving walking, swimming and cinema and regularly takes part and raises money for various charities.

Remi Ashton

Digital Marketing Director

Remi has been part of the Ocere Team since 2013 and his role within the company is that of Digital Marketing Director. Heading up the Digital Marketing Team, Remi oversees the Account Management, Sales, Adwords and Outreach teams. He plays a very important role in making sure that all clients receive the best service available to them. Remi is always looking to improve his skills and knowledge and invests a great deal of his time on technical and personal development. Remi also works closely with our CEO and Business Support Director to help formulate our Business Plan and project strategy. Remi passed his Google Squared Online course in 2016, receiving ‘The Most Influential “Squared” member on the course. He is Google Certified, studying and passing a number of exams including- Google Adwords Fundamental and an Advanced Search exam in 2017. Outside of work, Remi runs his own Martial Arts School called – KiXtreme Martial Arts in which his family also participate. Remi is a former Martial Arts World Champion (from 2002-2004). He enjoys trips to Anfield to watch his beloved football team, Liverpool, and spending time with his wife and 3 children.

Lee Bastin

Sales Account Manager

Lee is a multifaceted sales and marketing professional with experience across a variety of different industries, as well as a background in advertising. Such broad knowledge and experience make him very well-suited to his role at Ocere, allowing him to contribute to sales and marketing processes at almost any level. Lee also has a genuine hunger to learn new things and assimilate information, not only for its own sake, but also to stay on top of industry trends and new developments, thereby providing the best possible service to our digital marketing clients. Outside of work, Lee enjoys playing and composing music, reading, drawing and other creative pursuits, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Ashley Yetman

Paid Search Manager

Ashley has been part of the team since 2015. With his primary role overseeing the management of all client Adwords & Facebook Ads accounts, and running our internal PPC campaigns, he has a real talent for coming up with different strategies to implement and recommend to clients. Ashley is the go-to member of the team for all things technical.  Ashley is a Certified Google Specialist, which includes passing 6 exams set by Google and means he has to have in depth knowledge of Adwords and is the point of contact when asking a question regarding that field. Ashley started off his career with Ocere as an apprentice, after completed a Games Design Degree at the Staffordshire University. In his free time, Ashley likes to game online with his friends as well as socialising regularly.

Rob Helm

Sales Account Manager

Rob is a member of the Ocere Digital Marketing Team. Joining us at the start of 2017 and bringing with him over 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience.  With a friendly and honest approach, his role within the team is to focus on Sales & Account Management of SEO for Agencies and End User accounts. Outside of work, Rob has 2 children which he regularly spends time with and watching his team, Liverpool. Rob also enjoys cooking and reading.

Anna Chadwick

Credit Control

Anna joined Ocere in April 2016 and brings with her 17 years of Finance and Credit Control experience. She is looks after the credit control function of the business, being responsible for coordinating the debts of existing creditors and processing queries in a timely manner. Always putting customers and their needs first, Anna builds great relationships with our customers. She works closely with Customer Service to reach a satisfactory resolution. In her spare time, Anna is working towards a Credit Management Degree. Anna is mum to a little girl who keeps her busy most of the time.

Ben Beard

Digital Marketing Analyst

Ben has been with the company since May 2016. Ben is our Digital Marketing Analyst, looking after Online Lead Generation, systems, processes and marketing. He is also involved in various tasks within the Digital Marketing team. Ben oversees and draws management information from a program that is used by both sides of the business and ensures that it is running correctly for the team to use. Ben finished Sixth Form with 2 A* in Business Studies and IT. He reads and speaks a small amount of French. His previous role working as a receptionist at a mainstream car dealership, has given him experience and confidence to interact with customers, affiliates, managers and other team members. Outside of work, Ben enjoys watching his team, Liverpool, and engaging in outside activities with his friends.


Harry Green

Head of Project Management

Harry Green is an experienced project manager and oversees to co-ordination of all our active projects within the company. An extremely fast-moving individual who is able to spin many plates and ensure nothing is delayed in the company.

Adam Bock

Head of Advisory Board

Adam joined the Advisory board in 2012, after becoming impressed with the vision on which was being delivered. Adam has direct, real-world experience with high-growth startups in the US, with one of his startups recently being acquired for $20m. He has also facilitated $10m+ of venture financing on a range of high-growth companies.
Adam has co-authored several books on Entrepreneurship, which have been published and serve as course texts for many leading Entrepreneurship courses.

Hasan Mian

Campaign Manager

Hasan has worked on the delivery of hundreds of campaigns over the 4+ years he has worked with Ocere. A fast worker, with great technical skills – he is a vital member of the team.

Graham Green

Lead Qualification

Graham is working on Lead Qualification for our UK Home Improvement markets. He co-ordinates a team of Lead Qualifiers who work through our leads every day, evening and weekend.


Our History


Ocere was formed in 2009 by Tom Parling, originally as a Digital Marketing Agency. The company was created off the back of bad experiences with other Digital Marketing vendors. Tom decided that using his Internet knowledge and people skills, he could deliver a far superior service than the market was offering – and Ocere was born.

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Our Vision


Our vision is to be at the cutting edge of digital marketing/online lead generation, consistently pushing the boundaries.
We believe our business model is applicable to thousands of industries in almost any country in the world.

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