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Google Ads Packages

Google Ads are powerful ways of driving more visibility, sales and leads to your business. We can help you master these platforms by creating new campaigns or optimising existing accounts. We’ll make sure you are using up-to-date features and best-practices in order to beat your competitors.

Grow Your Business

Measurable ROI

Fast Results

Ever-evolving Platforms

Human & AI Management (best of both)

Comparison Table

Comparison Table


Suitable for click spends:

Strategy Creation

Keyword Research

Account Creation (If Required)

Keyword Review (Including Negative)

Ad Copy Review / Creation

A/B Ad Testing

Account Structure Review / Creation

Budget Management Review / Creation

Bid Management

Analytics Linking (Basic Setup, If No Account)

Detailed Competitor Review

Google Search Text Ads

Google Search "Click to Call" Ads

Landing Page Analysis

Ad Extentions Utilisation (Call/Sitelink/Location)

Full Monthly Reporting

Google Ads Package 1

Package 1

£495 / $695

per month

Up to $2500/m

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Google Ads Package 2

Package 2

£895 / $1295

per month

Up to $6500/m

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Google Ads Package 3

Package 3

12.5% of spend

Up to $6500+/m

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How it works

Increase Your Presence

Placing ads infront of customers already considering your product and service. These consist of Search Ads (Text, Responsive Ad), Click-to-call mobile Ads & Google Shopping Ads. We research relevant keywords/topics and other areas for you to target. We can benchmark your competition also.

Monthly Execution

We'll execute this plan from Month 1 onwards. Typically this involves creating and implementing new ads (text, image, with extensions), bid management, keyword expansion and much more. Full reporting is given on every activity every month (via email and online portal).

Ongoing Refinement

Here we continually monitor competitors, add new keywords, A/B test new ads and constantly refine the process. Over time, the results improve as the campaign becomes more optimised. Each month further we can look to grow your sales.

Key benefits of Google Ads Packages


Drive Business Goals

Google Ads can have a strong and measurable impact on your your business goals and bottom line.


Measurable & Trackable

Track ROI with pinpoint accuracy, compared with almost any other form of advertising.


AI-assisted Tools

We have tools that work whilst you sleep: Analysing campaigns and providing recommendations.


Quick Results

Immediate impact. Don't wait around for results.


Innovative Targeting Options

Target keywords, beat competitors, use Google's latest features to stay ahead.


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