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Lead Generation – FAQs

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions that we receive. If your question is not answered below, then please get in contact and one of the team will be happy to assist.

Who is your company?

Ocere Ltd. is an established, UK based company – specialising in Internet Marketing & Lead Generation. We run over 40 comparison websites across the globe, that bring in over 10,000 quotes each month.

How are the leads generated?
We own over 40 comparison sites across the world and market these heavily using Internet Marketing. We spend our own money on Google Adwords, Facebook, Email, Social Media + other means.

How much do they cost?
List prices for leads are as follows: Able to Pay Boilers £28, ECO Boilers (£45 Gas/£145 Off-Gas), Solar Australia ($39). These prices are for shared leads, and exclude VAT.

How do I signup?
Create your account now online by clicking here: www.ocere.com/partner-account/

Do you ever cold call?
No. All of our leads are generated via the websites that we own and maintain. Interested clients enter their details into our website and our team will then qualify the lead to a level where they have expressed an interest and they confirm that they would like to receive a quote and appointment.

Are there any other costs?
No, not at all. You only pay per lead.

Am I tied into a long contract?
Post Pay accounts can be paused or cancelled by advising our Customer Support team in writing. Pre-Pay Accounts are required to be open for 30 days minimum.

How many leads do you generate per week/month?
We currently generate over 10,000 leads per month. Our market leading qualification process ensures that only the highest quality leads are passed on to our partners and we filter out any that do not meet with our criteria. We actually reject around 65% of the leads ourselves – to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

What is the verification/qualification process?
Depending on industry, when a new lead is received via one of our websites we telephone qualify the client to ensure that they fully meet our criteria. Any leads that do not meet our criteria are rejected from our database. Note – some industries do not require phone qualification.

How many customers do you have?
We currently deal with over 250 customers worldwide and are experiencing growth on a daily basis.

How many companies are shared leads sent to?
Shared leads are sent to up to 3 companies, including yourself.

Do you offer exclusive leads?
Yes, we are happy to provide leads on an exclusive basis and have a number of partners who use this option. The price is generally 3x the shared cost.

How many leads do you get in my region/postcode?
We currently generate over 10,000 leads per month and are experiencing considerable growth across all areas of our business. The number of leads generated will vary depending on the region and postcodes specified.

How do I pay? What are the payment terms?
You will need to add credit to your account to receive leads from us. This is done via a debit or credit card. On occasion, large companies can request credit terms (subject to a credit check).

What happens if I receive a lead that is of poor quality?
We do our best to ensure that all leads are of a consistently high quality, however, if you feel that you have received a lead that does not meet these standards then you can either contact our Customer Service team to discuss your query or complete our returns form.

Is there a returns process and how does it work?
Yes. All UK returns must be received within 3 working days (7 days for Australian customers) and should be submitted using our returns form. We are unable to accept any returns via telephone or email. We will fully investigate all returns received and advise of the outcome of the request via email.

How do you compare to your competitors?
All of our leads are exclusive to Ocere – as they come through websites we own. If you are not signed up to Ocere, you are missing the opportunity with these leads. The leads we provide are quality focussed and any that do not fully meet our qualification criteria are rejected in order to maintain a consistently high standard.

Do you have a login dashboard or portal, how does it work?
Yes, we do. Once you account is approved – you can login at leads.ocere.com. The portal allows you to view all leads that have been sent to you, and update your payment details.

How do I receive the leads?
All leads are sent via Email, in real time. We can send out via SMS also – just let us know your mobile number. We can send out to 3 separate emails and 3 separate SMS numbers.

What other industries do you cover?
We are focused in Renewable Energy and Home Improvements: Solar, Boilers.

Can I cap the amount of leads I receive per week?
Yes, a cap can be applied to your account when it is opened to ensure that you are fully in control of the number of leads you receive. The cap can be amended at any time by contacting our Customer Service team.

Can I try say 5 leads and then decide if I want to continue past there?
Our system is unable to automatically stop your account after the first 5 leads have been received. However it is possible to contact us at any time to review the leads you have received or pause or cancel your account

Will you give me a free trial so I can test quality?
Unfortunately not. The demand far exceeds supply for our leads, so we only sell them to paying customers. The best way to trial our services is by signing up. Remember you can always cancel at any time – so there really is no risk.

How do I get in contact with you – and what is your customer service setup?
We can be contacted by phone on 01242 525557 (+44 (0) 1242 525557 from abroad) or email info@www.ocere.com. We have a team of customer service agents who will be happy to assist you. Our team are all UK based, so please be aware of the time difference if you are an International customer. The office is open from 8:30am to 5pm Mon-Fri, UK time.

Why should I buy from you, as opposed to your competitors?
– All leads are exclusive to Ocere. You will not find these leads anywhere else.
– Market-leading quality. Our systems are world-class.
– Strong, consistent lead volumes.
– Excellent customer service & customer care.