First of all we have to address the question many business owners might ask, that question being:

What is Digital PR?

The roots of digital PR lay firmly in blogger outreach, an established practice in SEO.

In short, Digital PR is marketing strategy which is deployed to increase the online profile of a brand. It is a strategy in which Digital PR agencies establish a network of bloggers, journalists and influencers to help promote the brand. Press releases are sent out in order to gain high quality back links, social media mentions, likes, shares, tweets and re-tweets to improve the SEO of the target website.

The roots of digital PR lay firmly in blogger outreach, an established practice in SEO. Blogger outreach and Digital PR is heavily reliant on high quality, relevant and authoritative content creation.

Why Digital PR is important? There are essentially ten positive elements to successful Digital PR as follows.

·         Message and story alignment – people are curious. If you have a positive story to tell get the message out there. All publicity no matter how small is good publicity

·         Event notification – time limited introductory offer on new product lines, one off sales and promotions - all are positive events and your brand will benefit from online PR

·         Content sharing – sharing content is time consuming, but quality content published on quality outlets will positively impact a brand’s profile

·         Amplify content sharing – content will be amplified exponentially with an integrated Digital PR strategy – use it to great advantage

·         Generate more brand mentions – PR link building is exponentially more powerful than a one off link building strategy

·         Something to care about - What would you want to read about? Is it interesting and will it engage your audience – will they care

·         Build relationships – build strong relationships with bloggers, influencers and journalists and you will build strong relationships with your audience

·         Provide meaningful information – PR is not free – it is time consuming and therefore has a cost. Providing meaningful data and news for publication is the pay off for your brand

·         Use existing stories and trends – if a news event or an emerging trend fit with your brand’s narrative, do not hesitate in piggybacking to take advantage

·         The power of the written word – The pen is mightier than the sword. Stop fighting your competitors and start writing about your own brand. Nothing you do can stop them, so promote your own  and be a great wordsmith

How do I get PR for my brand?

Planning ahead & building strong foundations will ensure your business endures long in to the future.

Of these ten elements for successful Digital PR, these are perhaps the five most compelling reasons why Digital PR should be integrated into your SEO strategy, and the elements which will positively impact your online presence as well as your real world presence.

1.       Make headlines. Every business has something which is newsworthy. Moving to larger premises as a result of successful expansion. New product lines, expanding established product lines, increasing staff numbers, installing new equipment or machinery, changes, mergers or acquisitions and additions in the boardroom. All are newsworthy items, and positive content sent out for publication to journalists, news agencies or bloggers who work within (or on the periphery) of your sector will help raise your online profile.

2.       Build high Quality links. Digital PR is all about creating a network of bloggers, journalists and influencers. They will welcome your PR content to publish on the sites they either work for or own themselves. Your content will help enhance their websites, while the link to your website will help raise the metrics of the website and, by extension, the visibility of your website.

3.       Employ Social Media influence. Social media influencers may have many thousands of followers, all of whom receive notifications of new items, products and services mentioned on the influencer’s website, Facebook wall, Instagram account or blog site. It is not long before hundreds and thousands of likes, shares, tags and other online mentions are generated, adding to your external link profile, which has a positive influence on your online presence.

4.       Generate more brand mentions. Digital PR will generate more brand mentions than would otherwise be generated by traditional blogger outreach. Links, tags, mentions, likes and shares are all positives for a brand. However, even if a link is not created, mentions of brands are just as important. Brand mentions generate a positive signal in search engine algorithms. Published content, links and mentions help build the long term authority foundations to your online presence.

5.       Build long term authority. When a house is built, the foundations are the most important element. Building strong foundations will ensure the building endures long in to the future. Digital PR is the digital equivalent; building authority is the foundation of a website’s relevance and longevity. Creating an integrated Digital PR strategy, you'll get multiple benefits which will be exponentially greater than if you merely focus on one off link building.

In conclusion, Digital PR is now an essential element of an integrated marketing strategy. Content creation is the main foundation of PR. Tell your story, create compelling copy for publication and give the influencers, journalist and bloggers a reason to publicise your brand over the that of competitors.

Make Digital PR the foundation to your online marketing strategy.

Written by Graham Green, Sales Account Manager.