Lush palm trees gently wafting in the breeze, sunshine dancing off the walls casting intricate patterns, the smell of freshly cut flowers and…..the click of a snooker que….where am I? I’m standing at the door to one of our lovely new offices, surveying the view and it never fails to make me smile, our very own little oasis, in the centre of the hustle and bustle of Cheltenham.

After 10 years we felt that the time was right, we needed a change; maybe it was down to the fact our 10 year anniversary was dawning, we had just completed a rebrand; a fresh new website and logo, and amazing new packages and, we’d just had some of our most successful months ever (and are continuing to do so!). The time was definitely right. We were on the lookout for something new, something fresh and something exciting that would really take us to the next level and boy have we found it!

Welcome to our new home at Formal House, a hidden gem in the heart of Cheltenham. Here’s a glimpse of our funky new offices although they don’t feel like offices, Formal House is something else! It’s like coming to work in a swanky hotel!  The chilled out vibe and friendly fellow residents creates a working community all its own and we absolutely love it.

Plush reception area, breakout seating areas for quiet reading and working, impromptu discussions and that click of a snooker que…… a hip snooker table for use by all, flip it over and it cleverly doubles as a meeting room.

We are spoilt…ice cold sparkling spring water sprigged with lemon and mint on tap and ice-cream when it’s hot, mulled wine at Christmas, pancakes on Pancake Day, a cycle-store and shower rooms with under floor heating, are just a few of the things available to the residents.

Formal House has real history, parts of which are evident in the building today. In its former life Formal House was, way back, a storage facility and then more recently, Pockets Snooker Club which saw the likes of Jimmy White and Dennis Taylor playing the odd game. It has now been transformed into funky new offices using reclaimed items, such as the slate from the old snooker tables to make work tops in the kitchens, walls have been pared back to the original brick and the wood has been used to create furniture, storage, the old lift has been restored and the original metal doors with counterweights retained, giving the building a truly rustic industrial look. It even won a Civic Award this year for the restoration!

It just goes to show, your working environment really does have a huge effect on how you feel; your peace of mind, creativity, productivity. With the whole team feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, here’s to the next 10 years! Bring it on!

Written by Amanda Falshaw, Business Support Director.